The impact of data science in retail and e-commerce is constantly increasing, and the pandemic has only accelerated the digital transformation. Retailers turn to big data to implement smart automation and get better return on investment (ROI), and this direction of software development is becoming more relevant every day.

In this article, we’ll consider the role of data science in retail, challenges on the path of implementing it, and features of deploying such solutions.

Data Science in Retail in 2021: Application and Challenges

By 2021, data science solutions have been implemented in almost all industry’s processes. …

Artificial intelligence (AI) has existed for over half a century. Today, it is a well-known and frequently used technology, the foundation for innovative “successors” such as deep learning and neural networks, and a reality that is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

But creating solutions powered with artificial intelligence is still challenging. We have prepared a guide to help you accomplish it and learn how to develop AI software.

What Is AI, and How Does It Work?

The concept of artificial intelligence applies to a set of technologies, a sphere of knowledge, and the properties of computer systems. In…

Car insurance is one of the oldest and most popular fields of the industry, and more and more insurance companies offer products in web and mobile applications. They are accessible and user-friendly, and they provide quick assistance in case of a traffic incident.

We have compiled a guide to tell you how to develop a car insurance app and what you may encounter while creating it.

Car Insurance Apps’ Key Challenges and Features

If you want to build an app at the level of Root, GEICO, Metromile, and other top auto insurance products, you have to know about the challenges…

Today, stock trading platforms are quickly moving to a digital world. So-called DIY (do-it-yourself) investment via smartphone applications is becoming more popular. Our article will examine how these systems work and generate income for the owner and what it will cost to create a stock trading app.

What a Stock Trading App Is and How to Monetize It

A stock market app is an online (web, mobile, or both) system designed to make it easier to buy and sell on trading platforms, manage and update investment portfolios, and choose strategies. …

One of the easiest ways to run out of money is not to have a plan for spending. Despite the thousands of books and blogs that have been published about the topic, budgeting is always a personal task — just you and your money. But there is a way to simplify the management of your finances: using special mobile applications.

Let’s find out how to build a personal finance app and consider a development roadmap with the required costs.

What Is a Personal Finance App?

A personal finance app is money management software that enables users to separate funds flows…

People worldwide are moving away from “physical” payments to digital tools, and most transactions are done through applications called digital or mobile wallets (m-wallets, e-wallets). The latest reports show that every week more than 25 percent of customers make purchases via mobile devices. Therefore, e-wallet app development is of particular interest. Let’s consider how such systems work and how to create them.

What Is a Mobile Wallet App?

A mobile wallet is a financial tool that allows users to operate money via smartphones or similar gadgets. Users can link their card or banking account to perform financial operations. E-wallets store…

Recent research studies show that in 2019, the number of smartphones surpassed five billion worldwide. The majority of owners use mobile devices to make peer-to-peer (P2P) payments.

In this short article, you’ll read why the popularity of such platforms is growing every day and discover how to create a mobile payment app step by step.

Benefits of Peer-to-Peer Payment

Digital wallets allow the owner to achieve revenue quickly enough. The app industry’s revenue demonstrates more than 200 percent growth over the last decade, and Statista research proves a great monetization perspective.

Peer-to-peer apps offer customers a convenient payment method. With…

One of the critical decisions a company makes about a product is its price. Businesses face two key challenges: optimizing prices and managing income in a constantly changing environment. Companies use dynamic pricing strategies to solve these issues simultaneously. The method’s efficiency can be noticeably increased with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities.

In this article, we’ll analyze the advantages of machine learning for dynamic pricing and examine the use of the technology in e-commerce, drawing on examples from CHI Software’s case studies.

What is dynamic pricing?

Dynamic pricing is a flexible strategy in which the product or…

One of the most exciting recent innovations of the insurance industry is mobile healthcare apps. According to the Accenture 2020 Digital Health Consumer Survey, 75 percent of patients are ready to use them; therefore, they are a promising revenue source for insurers.

This article will discuss how to create a health insurance app and how much it can cost.

Benefits and Challenges of Health Insurance Apps

The mobile health solutions market is growing, and is expected to reach US$213.6 billion by 2025 (from US$50.8 billion in 2020). The proliferation of these solutions is driven by multiple benefits.

Customers Benefits:

  • Easy…

With technologies evolving, the building of an investment platform has moved to the area of websites and mobile apps. Statista notes that the share of people using online investments and internet banking in Great Britain in 2020 reached 76 percent compared with 30 percent in 2007. The rest of Europe and the United States demonstrate similar indicators.

Investment platforms that have been carried out on a website or app can make investments easy. The online environment saves the customer money by eliminating the middleman’s services, and investing comes down to several stages:

  • The customer registers on the website or mobile…

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