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If you are an enthusiastic startup dreaming of new markets and high profits, we have prepared something cool and innovative for you — ideas for your next big thing. We know that the high-income mobile app industry is constantly growing with increasing smartphone users worldwide. As of 2023, about 6.8 billion people are global smartphone owners.

AI-powered mobile development is a current necessity for new businesses. By 2026, the AI mobile market is predicted to reach 22.08 billion USD. The main reason for this growth is that AI technology may be applied to any industry and improve the user experience significantly.

That’s why we recommend considering Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning toolkits for your new product idea. We collected a list of inventive ideas for startups with examples of how it works.

Let’s start, and first of all, see if your new product idea is valid.

Main steps to check your new idea

According to the latest research, 9 of 10 young US startups fail because of different reasons: lack of investments, wrong market or audience, inefficient marketing, and not proper preparation before development. So any product idea can only succeed if you take some precautionary steps. Let’s see what you should do before moving to development:

  1. Do some mobile app market research to see what applications are already in use;
  2. Look through the products’ reviews, ratings, and feedback to see what functionality is missing, and where you can do better;
  3. Analyze if your startup idea solves any problems of end-users;
  4. If there are no such products on the market, move further to identify your target audience to see how your product can help solve the pain points of users;
  5. Regardless of the app’s uniqueness, start with the IT consulting and product discovery phase before development. This step will help you create the main product documentation, single out possible risks, and thus save time and money;
  6. Start with a proof of concept (POC) and minimum valuable product (MVP) to validate how your product works for first users and limit the app functionality to a necessary minimum only;
  7. Trust the professional software development teams and their experience.

Now, let’s see what inventive AI-powered ideas for mobile apps we have prepared.

10 Innovative Ideas for AI Mobile App Development

1. AI-powered eCommerce apps

Retailers now have to meet customers’ growing expectations for engaging in-store experiences. That’s why the consumers’ behavior in beauty stores is now significantly transformed by technology, namely by diverse mobile opportunities: starting with chatbots and finishing with AI-powered solutions to pick up wished-for products fast.

One of our clients, a cosmetic retailer, has a variety of beauty items, including products for all skin types, under-eye care, and decorative cosmetics. They were looking for innovative mobile solutions that could analyze the customer’s face and type of skin and then offer the best-suited product and, thus, improve their customers’ experience.

Read in detail via the link.

2. AI-powered chatbots

By 2025, the chatbot market is expected to reach 1.25 billion USD, a significant increase from the market size in 2016, which stood at 190.8 million USD. The most popular area for chatbot implementation is, of course, customer service.

Our client is a leading Japanese telecommunication company. The main goal of this product was to add positive entertainment to the routine process. This chatbot has a 2D character, a penguin.

Keep on reading about this case study via the link.

3. AI-powered entertainment apps for pet lovers

The idea behind this mobile application was to create and add entertaining masks for our lovely cats, take photos, record videos, and share them on socials. Initially, we called our app Snapchat for cats but decided to add even more functionality and boost our technical skills.

Currently, our AI/ ML team has developed an algorithm, and our Mobile Unit is working closely on the app. So watch for our case study updates!

4. AI-driven geotracking apps

Geosocial networking apps are a relatively new type of social apps. The most popular players on the market are Yelp, Facebook Places, and Foursquare. These apps allow users to share their locations and find recommendations for locations or venues.

Our other client wanted to create a unique geosocial networking solution powered by AI for the local market.

Find out more on our website.

5. AI-based voice assistant apps

According to recent research, nearly every 4th search made on Google is through voice. Users prefer more convenient ways of searching, so voice searching is in high demand. A voice assistant is used everywhere, whether it is a music app, an over-the-top platform, or OTT, like Netflix, an e-commerce app, or any other app. A voice assistant app can perform phone tasks without users’ touch. For example, users can say “Play the Imagine Dragon Song” on the Spotify app, and it will start playing it.

6. AI-based language learning apps

Duolingo app is the best example of an AI-based language learning app. A huge base of working professionals and students use such apps to practice their communication skills in multiple languages. Using AI in a language-learning app can analyze the user’s performance, create dynamic tests, enhance motivation, and improve the overall experience. Thus, investing in AI for language learning can earn you both millions of loyal users and high revenue.

7. AI-powered fitness apps and devices

The most popular use of AI is in fitness solutions such as Smartwatches by Apple, Fitbit, etc. Such apps/devices make home workouts smarter and more entertaining.

Personal AI-powered training also became popular during the Covid-19 pandemic when people stayed home and did not attend gyms. AI trainers perform just like human trainers: they can advise you on an exercise, pose, etc. A user may also select a one-on-one setting to receive professional feedback throughout a workout on their posture.

Find out more about smart watches on our website.

8. AI/ML-driven insurance apps

Our client, an Israel taxi fleet owner, noticed a relatively fast deterioration of car parts in their insured fleet. Damages led to extra expenses on insurance, maintenance, and repair services. The main product idea was to analyze car sensor information in real-time. We collect the following information: geolocation, acceleration, speed, cornering intensity, engine speed, and engine temperature.

The app uses AI for processing real-time and aggregated data to get behavior analytics. It helps insurance agents set smart coverage for aggressive drivers and helps regular drivers save on auto insurance.

Read in full on our website.

9. AI-driven weather forecast apps

Travelers worldwide always check the weather forecasts before traveling. And here, AI-powered weather forecasting apps can help. They determine the accurate forecasting of climate in the preferred location.

For example, the NowCast weather forecasting app gives forecasts and suggests high-quality weather reports. AI also helps to gather any information regarding any change in weather conditions.

10. AI-based healthcare apps

According to recent research, over 38% of healthcare companies use AI to help with medical diagnoses. Around 100 different AI development tools were approved for medical usage in 2020. The most common specializations are hematology, cardiology, and radiology. Over 4.6 billion USD was spent on medical surgical robot use in 2020. By 2027, this amount is projected to increase by 17.4%. A machine-learning algorithm developed by Stanford University can precisely predict the death of hospital patients.

By 2027, healthcare will have the most advanced AI research and application equipment compared to other industries.

Even More Ideas for Your AI-Driven Startup

The list of ideas we can help develop into genuine products is much more extensive. Here are some more AI-powered startup ideas just for you to have a bigger picture:

  • AI-based cyber security apps,
  • AI-based photo editing apps,
  • AI-based meal planner apps,
  • AI-based storage space cleaner apps,
  • AI-enabled cost tracking apps.

Final Words

Our world is spinning by genius people, inventive ideas, and products that solve real problems and make our lives more comfortable. Still, a brilliant idea alone is doomed to fail. The CHI Software team is here to support startups, validate their ideas, and help create functional AI products that people will love to use.



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