7 Mobile App Development Trends in 2023 and Their Benefits for Business

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Mobile development trends 2023

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We decided to mark the start of the year with a brief yet informative overview on mobile app development trends. Our Engineering Director Ivan Kuzlo shared his thoughts on the present state and the future of mobile app development.

In this article we’ll dive deep into mobile app development trends in 2023, and, most importantly, outline their benefits for business owners.

Essential Stats in Mobile App Development

First, let’s discuss changes in our society regarding mobile apps and devices. We are now witnessing how businesses and users are anchored and thus depend on mobile devices and, as a result, mobile applications.

We would like to share exciting research on how obsessed we are with mobile phones. Recent studies show that the average American checks their phone at least 96 times per day, or once every 10 minutes. Find even more interesting statistics here.

As for the business perspectives, the Statista estimates that the revenue across most segments will increase over the next few years and reach around 613 billion U.S. dollars by 2025.

Smartphone usage statistics through the years

There are more than 6.3 billion smartphone users worldwide now, so it’s not surprising that the mobile app industry is on the rise. You, as a business owner, should pay attention to its main mobile app market changes and trends.

Top Mobile App Development Trends and Their Benefits for Business

For those who have missed December mobile trend forecasts boom in the Internet, here is a simple table from FinancesOnline. Here you can see the main mobile app trends.

16 mobile development trends in 2023

Indeed, some trends are not new, like AI chatbots, AR/VR, Beacon tech, etc. Their presence in the 2023 list proves that mobile technology is evolving, helping businesses meet end-users’ needs in full, and improving customer experience.

Speaking about the latest mobile app trends, we are focusing on our mobile app development expertise. Below is a list of trends from our perspective, examples, and benefits for business, of course:

AI & ML in mobile application development

AI and ML solutions have become very popular in the business world recently. Many companies are already benefiting from this technology, for instance, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Replika, Face App, and Cortana.

There are endless opportunities for this technology across all business sectors, and AI-powered mobile apps are no exception.

Benefits for business:

  • Enhanced user experience;
  • Automated operations;
  • Increased solution efficiency.

Read in full how AI-powered mobile apps can help your business grow.

Cross-platform app development

Cross-platform mobile apps have been gaining popularity for businesses for a long time now. At present, it’s one of the most in-demand software development approaches. In 2023 these apps will also be popular. Such apps allow experts to create a single solution for various platforms with a single codebase. So if a company wants to reach a bigger audience, they need to stick to more than one platform at once, and should spread its services with cross-platform apps.

Benefits for business:

  • Opportunity to cover a wider audience base with one solution;
  • Similar UI across all platforms for end users’ convenience;
  • Time, money, and additional team effort saving.

Read about cross-platform app development on our website.

5G networks and IoT/Wearables

According to recent research, there were over 1.1 billion connected wearables in 2022, and in 2023 we are expecting this number to grow. This trend became popular during the pandemic with detectors of pre-symptomatic COVID-19 cases, activity and fitness trackers equipped with real-time features that continuously monitor physiological data. In 2023, this trend will grow and conquer new spheres.

5G technology is not a new word in the tech world either. This new standard promises extremely low latency, high connection density, and high bandwidth. It supports advanced tech in AR/VR, interconnected IoT devices, and streaming of 360 videos and 4K.

Benefits for business:

  • Improved productivity of staff and reduced human labor;
  • Efficient operation management;
  • Improved customer service and retention;
  • Cost-effective operation;
  • Improved work safety;
  • Boosted marketing and business development.

You can find more details about the IoT mobile solution for business on our website.

Blockchain, NFT, and Web3

Web3 is a new iteration of the internet. The main aim of web3 is to create spaces not owned by corporate giants like Google and Microsoft but decentralized once. So, the web3 development proposes Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Blockchain is one of the best ways to secure users’ data, be it a record of transactions (as in cryptocurrencies) or documents. During the pandemic, one of the crucial things Blockchain did was to keep track of COVID-19 vaccines.

Among all industries, banking has the largest Blockchain spending in 2020, with 29.9% of the global Blockchain market value.

Benefits for business:

  • Improved accuracy and security;
  • High speed of operations;
  • Decentralized structure for more trust;
  • Reduced costs on manual tasks.

Read in full about Blockchain tech in mining on our website.

Camera-focused mobile apps

Not a new, but still a rather popular trend in 2023. Aside from video-conferencing, entertaining features of camera-focused apps like Instagram and Snapchat added greatly to its popularity. According to Statista, by 2026, the video-conferencing market is expected to reach $27.3 billion.

Our mobile team is now working on a camera-based mobile app for pets. This application aims to add entertaining masks for our favorite pets, take photos, record videos and share them on socials. We called our application Snapchat for pets and decided to add even more functionality.

Benefits for business:

  • More convenient and entertaining user experience in using mobile apps;
  • Competitive advantage in your business niche.

Declarative UI, motion design, and faster mobile app performance

Here are some recommendations from our devs and designers to get your product ready for 2023: when launching a mobile app, pay attention to its UI design. UI design is responsible for the retention rate of your mobile app users. This critical metric calculates the percentage of users who keep using your product/service over time.

Benefits for business:

  • Customer engagement boost;
  • Improved business competitiveness;
  • Increased conversions;
  • Higher customer retention rate.

Here is an example of how we created a health and fitness app.

Improved security and privacy of apps

Sensitive data protection is one of the main vectors for both mobile and web apps for years now. It’s essential for all fintech solutions, online shopping, healthcare, and social apps.

It’s now possible to use biometrics such as a fingerprint or face recognition for accurate device authentication.

Benefits for business:

  • Improved trust in the brand from end users;
  • More secure processes, less sensitive data leakage;
  • Opportunity to enhance password-free authentication solutions.

Have a look how this trend is implemented on a real project.

Bottom Line

The major shift to mobile devices in recent years has caused a real boom in different types of mobile app development. Most businesses worldwide, regardless of size and provided services, try to get closer to the end user and go mobile, providing a more convenient customer experience on most used devices. If your business is new, heading towards mobile app development is a wise start in 2023.

One more important note. There are many mobile app development companies with professional teams and rich expertise in app development. So, if you are hiring mobile app developers, consider some basic research for IT providers, their reputation, customers’ feedback, and created cases. Rates are not the initial indicators for hiring a remote team, and in our experience, expertise matters!



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