How to Implement a Payment Gateway into Android and iOS Apps

How Does a Payment Gateway Work?

Online payment workflow:

How do payment gateways work?

Benefits of a Payment Gateway for a Mobile Application

How to Choose the Right Payment Gateway for Your App

1. Make sure the gateway supports your product.

2. Pay attention to pricing.

  • gateway setup,
  • merchant account setup,
  • monthly fee, and
  • per-transaction fee.

3. Check payment methods and card types.

4. Study transaction limits.

5. Look closely at merchant account options.

  • A dedicated account is for your business only and gives you more control over your money and operations. Companies with dedicated accounts usually obtain faster transactions, but you should also be ready to pay a higher price for this account type.
  • An aggregated account is for several merchants (businesses). In most cases, entrepreneurs pick this option as it’s cheaper, easier to set up (takes less than 24 hours), and requires less Know Your Customer data.



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