How to Make a Money-Saving App and Succeed in the Fintech Industry

Finance apps downloads, 2020 vs. 2019
Source: App Annie & Liftoff
Finance app install trends (Western Europe)
Source: AppsFlyer
Must-have features of a money-saving app
How to create an app for saving money
  • Define who your users are and what pain points they have at the moment. Do they need your product?
  • Check out your potential competitors and their market niche. Are there any gaps you can fill?
  • Minimalism. The more complex the money-saving app you’re going to create is, the simpler the interface it should have.
  • User flow clarity. Users should quickly realize what button to tap next and where it will bring them.
  • Micro-animations. These are aimed to demonstrate an action or a change in the interface. It’s another way to add more clarity.



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