How to Manage Unstructured Data Successfully

  • Structured data is well-organized and often contains numbers. In other words, it is already built in some structure (spreadsheets, PoS systems, SQL databases, etc.).
  • Unstructured data is not that simple. It usually consists of large quantities of text, images, or sounds that you can’t put into a spreadsheet right away.
  • Semi-structured data also can’t be inserted into a spreadsheet but is still organized to some extent using categorization, meta tags, or hashtags.
  • Public cloud: this option has the easiest accessibility and scalability. When your documentation grows, you can buy more space in no time.
  • On-premises hardware: a company buys a server and stores critically important files in-house.
  • The hybrid approach includes using the first two options for different purposes.

We solve real-life challenges with innovative, tech-savvy solutions.

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CHI Software

CHI Software

We solve real-life challenges with innovative, tech-savvy solutions.

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