Top 7 Mobile App Development Conferences to Attend in 2023

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5 min readFeb 24, 2023

What role does mobile app development play in our life? We use our smartphones on the go, in the office, and at home. Mobile apps help us learn, browse, and play. And there is even more to consider. Mobile development is evolving every year, so building an app should match current trends and changing user expectations.

While you are reading these lines, groundbreaking mobile innovations are about to hit the market. You can read about it on the Internet or discuss it with outstanding developers in person. You choose.

This time, we offer you 13 options to network, discover something new, and learn firsthand about the latest innovations. These are mobile development conferences worth visiting in 2023.

App Growth Summit


When & where:

  • March 30, New York City, the US
  • April 19–20, Berlin, Germany
  • June 29, São Paulo, Brazil
  • September 14, San Francisco, the US
  • October 12, London, the UK

Price: free, invitation-based participation

App Growth Summits take place all over the world and target all types of specialists, especially mobile app marketers and entrepreneurs. It is an invite-only event, meaning event organizers have to approve your attendance. It also means you will get superb networking opportunities with other industry vendors.

The event agenda touches upon all aspects of the customer funnel, engagement, and other marketing-related topics, like branding, marketing campaign strategies, organic acquisition, and many more.



When: March 23

Where: Oslo, Norway

Price: 3,000 KR (990 KR for students)

Apprise logo

This mobile tech event comprises two tracks. The first is dedicated to inspirational topics, which makes it a perfect choice for designers, marketers, and business owners. The second track is all about tech and coding and is great for mobile app developers.

The agenda includes native and cross-platform mobile development, UI/UX design for mobile, testing, security, and more. Guests also have an option to attend a workshop day on March 22 and a conference party after the speeches on March 23.



When & where:

  • April 12–14, Paris, France
  • May 4–6, Athens, Greece
  • May 10–12, London, the UK
  • May 31-June 2, Krakow, Poland
  • October 2–6, Antwerp, Belgium
  • October 10–12, Agadir, Morocco

Price: depends on the location

The Devoxx community was organized more than 20 years ago and has grown into a European franchise. Each Devoxx event is held by local enthusiasts and visited by prominent international and local experts. United by similar values, these conferences also retain unique features typical for a particular country.

The list of topics covers web & HTML, mobile, cloud and big data, architecture and security, future technologies, and others, presented at sessions of different duration and format.



When & where:

  • April 12–13, Los Angeles, the US
  • April 27–28, New York City, the US
  • July 20–21, Tokyo, Japan
  • August 31-September 1, London, the UK
  • September 28–29, Singapore

Check more dates on the official website.

Price: depends on the location.

TECHSPO exhibition
TECHSPO networkin

TECHSPO is one of the world’s largest tech conferences taking place all over the globe with around 30 events throughout the year. The key event topics are Internet, mobile, AdTech, MarTech, and SaaS innovations, along with many other niches.

The event traditionally unites all types of specialists involved in the tech industry, as well as a number of press representatives. Here, you will find insights on the latest innovations, inspiring case studies, career opportunities, reliable tech advice or discussions, and, of course, professional contacts.



When: April 18–19

Where: New York City, the US

Price: $599


NYSwifty is a brand-new iOS mobile developer conference with Polish origins. The plSwift and plDroid events for iOS and Android developers respectively are held in Warsaw in May. NYSwifty is a similar conference for the American audience.

For two days, up to 20 speakers will share their insights and experience working with iOS developer tools. The agenda is focused on SwiftUI animations, Auto Layout, Xcode Cloud, ExtensionKit, and other essential instruments and components.

AndroidMakers by Droidcon


When: April 27–28

Where: Paris, France

Price: 262.8 EUR (70.80 EUR for students)

AndroidMakers is among the major European mobile development conferences with five tracks, 80+ tech talks, and 800+ developers. The conference is organized by Droidcon, a global Android-centered community (read about Droidcon events below), and a must-see for all technicians interested or working in the niche. If you are not sure you can attend, there is a chance to watch recorded sessions on YouTube after the event.



When: May 9–12

Where: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Price: early bird tickets for 190 EUR-740 EUR (85 EUR for students)

Appdevcon is known as a conference founded by developers for other developers. Its focus lies on all types of app development, be it iOS, Android, Web, or TV. Organizers make sure everyone can find a topic of their interest. Apart from developers, the event is visited by software architects, project managers, and other IT specialists.

This year, the event includes 52+ sessions with 56+ speakers. The first three days are dedicated to training and tutorials, and the fourth day is a classical conference.

Our willingness to move forward is what keeps this planet spinning. The world of technology has been through a lot in recent years, but it cannot take away the innovative spirit.

Read our original article to find out six more mobile development conferences planned throughout the world this year.



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