What Is a Discovery Phase and Why Is It Important?

What Is a Discovery Phase Exactly?

Why Should You Bother? Top Business Benefits of a Well-Built Discovery Phase

1. You get high-quality results right from the start.

2. Your product will bring revenue faster.

3. Your users will get what they want.

4. Communication with your team will become transparent.

What Should the Discovery Phase Include?

What does the discovery phase include?

1. Analysis of the existing documentation.

2. Defining stakeholders.

3. Project goals.

4. Success metrics.

5. User research.

6. Value proposition.

7. Competitors research.

8. Time and budget estimation.

How It Ends Up: Project Discovery Phase Deliverables

  • Project brief: a short description of the project’s vision and main goals. It may also contain some design and architecture details (but not an in-depth overview).
  • Tech stack and project architecture: a technical document written in collaboration with developers. It determines the fundamental principles of the solution’s workflow.
  • Design wireframes: the first sketches along with ideas on the style guide and user experience (navigation).
  • Preliminary roadmap and estimation: information on the team composition, project milestones, budget, and roadmap.



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